Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Great Parade Viewing Spot at Animal Kingdom

There’s nothing like a parade, especially at Disney World! The music, the costumes, the floats, the characters, the excitement… what a way to end the day! Until you find yourself caught in the pedestrian traffic jam that follows. You can easily shuffle along for 20 minutes or more just trying to make it to the front gate following the parade. And don’t you just love those people that ram their strollers into your ankles? It all puts just a little damper on the magic.

Well, last time I visited Animal Kingdom I found the most perfect spot both for viewing Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade and for making a quick escape ahead of the masses at the end. Park yourself in front of Safari Coffee. It’s located right near the bridge that takes guests back towards the front gate. (See my post below for a map.)

From this vantage point the parade comes straight at you just before it makes a small curve to the left so you get a great head on view. Want to see? Check out my parade photos from this great spot. From here it’s easy to see when the end of the parade is coming. Just before the end reaches you, make a break for it and head for the gate ahead of the hoards. Now that really is a great way to end the day!


Great Parade Viewing Spot at Animal Kingdom - the Map

The dotted red line is the parade route. The parade moves from the left side of the map to the right.

Monday, June 05, 2006


Pay Less for Disney Resorts

Without a doubt, a visit to Walt Disney World is more magical when staying at a Disney resort. Nobody does it like Disney! Disney resorts are beautiful and the attention to detail is unsurpassed.

If you're like me, you want your vacation to be the best it can be and you want the most you can get for your money. While researching how to experience Disney to it's fullest on as little money as possible, I stumbled across a way to enjoy spectacular Disney resorts for much less than I expected to pay.

You can save hundreds of dollars by renting "vacation points" from Disney Vacation Club members who don't plan to use their allotment of points for the year. Here's an example of the savings possible...

It would cost a family of four $2,257.90 to stay in a one-bedroom villa at Old Key West Resort from June 18-23, 2006, if booked through Disney. That same room would cost $1320.00 if booked using DVC vacation points rented at $10 per point. That's a savings of $938!

I used rented points to stay at a Disney resort and was so happy with the experience that I became a Disney Vacation Club member. As a member I have rented my points to other people. From both sides I can tell you that it is easy and perfectly safe. Go here for the details on how you can save a bundle on your next Disney vacation.

Sunday, June 04, 2006


DIS Boards

For my first tip I'm going to share my most valuable tip. If you are planning a trip to Disney World, or even if you're just dreaming about it - be sure to visit the DIS Boards. DIS is the acronym for Disney Information Station, a website with scads of Disney tidbits. But the best part of their website is their discussion forums.

Here's some stats, as of today:

Talk about insider tips! These people know their stuff. Check 'em out.


'Disney World Tips' Launched

I recently created a Squidoo lens about a trip I took to Disney World in early May. It has links to the photos I took and has a video of the Expedition Everest ride in Animal Kingdom. You can check it out here:

My lens has been doing very well - today it is ranked at #15 out of 28,538 total lenses! The success of it has inspired me to start a Disney World blog. I've been to Disney World many times and I have learned a lot of tips. I'll be sharing those here. We'll see where it goes...

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